Brigid’s Autumn Ale

Brigid’s Autumn Ale is a celebration of Kildare and the heritage of St. Brigid, Ireland’s patron saint of beer. It is our first commercial beer, we made it with Trouble brewing just up the road from us in Kill.

It was important to us that this traditional ale reflects it place of origin and so it is made in Kildare, using barely malted and grown in Kildare, Kildare water Kildare honey from our own bees who forage on the edge of the Irish National Stud and heaps of Kildare passion!

Brigid’s Autumn Ale is a rich copper colour, with floral early season spring honey on the nose which is balanced with earthy hops. This unfiltered ale is malty and has a roasted coffee flavour, with toast and bread crust notes with a lovely lingering bitter finish. It tastes like beer should. It is delicious on it own but would be great served with hard cheeses, honey roast nuts, or roast Curragh lamb.


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